I've been trying for the past few years to read less news and social media.

I spend most of my time these days reading books.

This is mainly because I got frustrated by the lack of depth everywhere. Everyone is creating bite-sized, stand alone pieces of content, optimized to get the most likes.

Ev Williams at Code 2019 talked about this problem:

If every piece of communication has to stand on it’s own, you lose the ability to go deep. You stay at this superficial level…it has to start and end in this atomized chunk.
Part of the beautiful thing about blogging was, you were always looking for feedback, but you didn’t get it as momentarily. And things had a way to marinate, they could be up there, you had some time. Now there is an addiction to short-term feedback that is detrimental to thought.

With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, we lost the personal home page where people used to create their own context for visitors through which they would communicate their thoughts.

I can't help but think if more people communicated through a richer context that they controlled, and more people read communication through those contexts, we would all understand each other a little better.

And if we all understood each other a little better there would be a lot less divisiveness in the world.